Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday, December 05, 2005

Wicker Chair

Send me a postcard if you get that far You got a couple pennies in your rusty jar The truth you’ve been gone for awhile It’s hard lookin’ at you when you look that way With your one night stands and your sleep all days Ooh you’re such a slut sometimes Hey, you know it ain’t coincidental that you’re lost in place It’s drippin’ off your face, and you’re losin’ your precious mind

You’re losing your mind

Sunday, November 27, 2005

The weekend......

somebody messed my hair up........

so on friday we went to the fox covert bar (nice) to have a few beers and get lairy?
timothy arrived late because his train got delayed any who when he arrived we played some drinking games which was pretty cool. after drinking games we headed to the metropolis lounge where i see loads of people i know and got absoloutley wasted. jhonny sexually asaulted me in the street too.
i remeber me huggin this girl then saying something then i cant remember lol but it was great being with all the boys. i got in at 3 and still went to work at 6..

last night we went to sams party was good to see a few people espically robert cus i aint seen him in a while. i left my coat there so i had to run back and get it a little wasted and i rember kissin laura jefferys bye bye lol which was funny then me and tim went up town we borrowed joshs shoes which was nice of him and what a journey they went on..
me and tim decided that it would be a good fun to walk home so we did in the cold we had a huge chat about stuff quite interesting. neway we made it to joshs house and left his shoes outside i then borrowed one shoe of tims and we hopped for abit but gave in because we were tired. neway walking with just a sock on on wet pavement in the freezing cold did not do any good for my foot it was frozen tim told me he couldnt feel the difference between whether he was wearing a sock or not. we got to tims where he gave me my shoes and coat we hugged goodbye and i jogged half the way home before realising that i could walk faster than i could jog lol i was joggin like a right spak... there were no cars out so i didnt stand a chance of gettin run over except when i jogged over the parkway and them lights seemed to be going pretty fast my life flashed befoe me .. me aged 5 on a polaroid hehe neway i made it home took me 30mins which was crazy i had a stich in both sides due to HAABABNESS tim had 2 helpings it was fun........

Monday, November 21, 2005


everybody says this place is beautifulAnd you'd be so crazy to say goodbyeBut everything's the same this town is pitifulAnd I'll be gettin' out as soon as I can fly

So me and matthew need to save we are now in the inspiration stages of just gettin outa this hell hole and leaving.. possibly for good you never know but im sure i will be back cus i cant leave my friends here although i would be tempeted to cus peterborough is full of crap people and whores!! - Emphasis on that word please!
so we need to go to australia and work on the beach in some bar that would be cool ..... and me and matthew have agreed we would both like to end up our travels doing route 66 in america now that would be even uber cooler .... time will tell...
also i wana say YAY to timothy who is coming home baby this weekend god bless his sole ...

Friday, November 11, 2005

Dr Pod's Top Ten

So Hokay this is my "Top Ten" curtisey of My Dr Pod Machine Fire Away Old Boy

  1. Streetcar - Funeral For A Friend (2weeks Number 1)
  2. Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor - Arctic Monkeys
  3. Soft - Kings Of Leon
  4. Shatter - Feeder
  5. The Bends - Radiohead
  6. Rebellion - Arcade Fire
  7. DOA - Foo Fighers
  8. When It Started - The Strokes
  9. Fix You - Coldplay
  10. Smile Like You Mean it - The Killers

Sunday, November 06, 2005


about fricken time!!!

And a Goal!..........................The midfielder with the glancing header...........marvelous...........

Manchester United 1 vs Chelsea 0!
Darren Fletcher

YEH YEH YEH How about them apples fil and timothy and any other chelsea fan

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Damos Top Ten

This Top Ten is based on amount of full length plays on my lovley Dr Pod

1. Street Car - Funeral For A Friend
2. Soft- Kings Of Leon
3. When It Started - The Strokes
4. DOA - Foo Fighters
5. Open Road - Ash
6. Smile Like You Mean It- The Killers
7. Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor- The Arctic Monkeys
8. The Bends - Radiohead
9. Fix You - Cold Play
10. The Arcade Fire - Rebellion
I'm no leader. I do what I have to do - sometimes people come with me